Bethpage Black – Wreck It Ralph Goes to NY

Have you ever played a golf course so tough that it made you or somebody in your foursome throw up? More on that in a bit…

CaddyTips was recently given the opportunity to play Bethpage Black course a day after the final round of the 2019 PGA championship with the same conditions as Sunday (same tees although our group opted to play one up several times throughout the round, same pin locations, same two club wind and more importantly same length of rough). Now as a Californian that had never even been to Bethpage State Park, my misconception of the infamous “WARNING” plaque was one . Don’t tell me how hard the golf course is, let the course do the talking. The course did more than speak; it climbed up the Empire State building pounded its chest and roared ferociously.

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The Shadow

Being a caddie has much responsibility. Especially when you’re meeting people for the first time each day. Changing colors like a chameleon is the best way to explain the way. Read, watch, and then reflect. You can take your time with who you are, or just tell them like it is. The best way is to just give advice with confidence. No one needs a suck-up!! Ass kissers never win in the end. They sleep walk through the round and continue to rake bunkers because of bad advice. Never forget that the “Shadow” has one of the best jobs on the planet.

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