Ocotillo Golf Course - Blue & Gold

Ocotillo Golf Course - Blue & Gold

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    What are Caddytips? Caddytips are downloadable Adobe PDF files that help a golfer learn how to play the course listed above by providing local knowledge to each shot on every hole.

    Caddytips are written guides that print on regular US letter size paper 8.5 x 11 inches and have cut lines that allow a golfer to create a quarter-page booklet 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Now the golfer has a convenient pocket-sized guide that will help them develop a course strategy and shoot better rounds.

    Caddytips are for golfers of all abilities whether you are a scratch golfer or a 30-handicap.

    What do Caddytips consist of? Caddytips contain important golf course information necessary for golfers to achieve the best results based on their skill level.

    Caddytips begin with the name of the specific course outlined and is followed by several General Tips. These Tips will help a golfer prepare better prior to their round. For instance, a course with several long par 3s would have a General Tip saying to practice your long irons prior to your round.

    Caddytips also include descriptions of each hole for the course listed above. Caddytips examines each hole, shot-by-shot and gives the golfer vital objective information.

    By arming golfers of all skill levels with critical information, they will be on their way to greater success. Click here for a free demo of Caddytips

    How do I download Caddytips? Caddytips offers an instant electronic delivery system once the checkout process has been complete. To download the Caddytips for the course listed above, please click the Download the Caddytips button. You will then be taken to a form that must be filled out in order to receive your Caddytips. After the form is completed, you will then be taken to a page that has your download information at the top.

    Click on this graphic or the course name and then you will be prompted to choose whether to open or save the document to your hard drive. Caddytips recommends saving the file to your hard drive so that you may create your own library of Caddytips.

    Here is a snippet from the Caddytips from Ocotillo Golf Course - Blue & Gold:

    Hole 9
    Narrow with water – par 4 – 370/350/329 yds.

    Tee shot: This long is not very long and a premium is placed on accuracy off the tee. You must avoid two fairway bunkers; the bunker on the left is 240 yards from the gold tee markers, 220 from the blues and 200 from the whites. The other fairway bunker to the right plays 225 yards from the gold, 205 from the blues and 184 from the white tees. Water crosses the fairway 70 yards from the green and a tee shot should not be played past 290 yards from the golds, 270 from the blues and 249 from the whites. Play left center of the fairway for the best angle into this green.

    Approach shot: This shot plays level to a green that is larger than it appears. It is 33 paces from the front edge to the back edge. This shot must carry water and avoid the water left of the green. There is a bunker short right of the green and another one slightly removed from the green back left. There is very little margin of error around this green so be accurate.

    Green: This green slopes from back to front with a ridge in the front of the green that creates a tier in the front left portion of the green and there is a slight pull from right to left.